Friday, December 16, 2011

Am I Right Or Wrong?

There is something I can not tolerate at all as a father, as a parent. That is when I discipline one of my girls and another person tries to step in to mediate or undermine my authority.

That applies even to my own family members. Recently, I punished Jayne for repeatedly biting and hitting Joey for no reason. I have given her numerous warnings and lecturing, and it has come to a time where the cane has to be used. When that happens, I was never soft-handed though I know it hurts and pains.

But what angered me more was how my parents (Jayne’s grandparents) stepped in to suggest giving Jayne a 2nd chance, and even tried to carry her when I told Jayne to sit on the chair for 5 mins. I was fuming mad…

I know I am stern and stubborn when it comes to discipline. But that is because no one else in the family can make the 2 little princesses understand what is discipline.

Do I feel good being the bad guy? I don’t know… Do I have the choice? I don’t think so, even the family portrays me to be one.


Fatherhood can sometimes be so lonely.

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  1. I subscribe to "spare the rod, spoil the child" maxim too keke.