Monday, January 2, 2012

Uncle, Where Do You Have Lunch?

Recently a friend brought me to a very ulu village in JB for lunch. It’s the famous Braised Duck near Sutera Mall. The place is so ulu, only the locals will know the exact location. It’s only through the mouth of the local taxi drivers did we come across this little gem place.


Look at the crowd on a Wednesday lunch hour. Half the time, good food are found in the most unlikely places. Which is why you find a group of Singaporeans in a total of 5 cars, enduring about 30mins traffic jam on the causeway, and another 20mins drive to find this place, just to taste the braised duck rice.


A closer look at the stall. Salivating?


On the walls, you will be able to find the available dishes and also newspaper reports about the food.



Introducing the meal worth waiting for..


Braised Duck


Pork Knuckles


Inlets, Braised Eggs, Tau Fu


How to get there?

Ask a taxi Uncle.

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