Friday, January 13, 2012

Terrible 2

I hate to admit it, but Jayne is really in this stage of “terrible 2” every child seems to go through. Is this a necessary stage for a child to grow up? Is this alike to boys going through army life and come out as men?

The Chinese has a saying that a child with curly hair will tend to be slightly more naughty. Why? They can be more adorable too right?


Most of my photos of Jayne can be quite deceiving, cos she always look so demure. But wait until you are up close and personal with her, you will experience the fiery chilli padi. Actually I think this character may help her to protect herself better when she grows up. Just another way a doting father chooses to see his daughter.



One thing Jayne has more than Joey is that bit of cheekiness.



All children are inheritance from God. Learn to love and accept them.

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