Monday, January 16, 2012

Dancing.. Me??

I have never dance in public before. How would a tall and thin guy look like when he dances? Read on to see for yourself.

The reason why I need to dance is because I agreed to be ‘ah chek’ for a good friend. Seriously I thought it would be just be like normal, eat some nasty stuff, do some strenuous exercise, make a fool of myself… but never have I expected this.

For friendship, we took on the test. Attended our first dance practice with our dancer-teacher from O School.


There were a lot of youths practicing dance moves at Scape. The glass facade provided the an opportunity for us to practice with the teacher just like in a real dance studio. I brought my supporters along. Joey & Jayne.


Jayne was totally mesmerised shocked by my moves.


Proof of how bad I am.. Just spot the difference..

At least in this photo, I think I looked a bit like a dancer. Now I know how I look from behind. Not bad right? =)

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