Friday, January 6, 2012

Jurong Bird Park – Park 2

If you have missed Part 1 entry, you can read it here.

Moving from the smelly cages, Jayne was happy to finally have some form of exercise. I really love her smiles and laughter.


Next stop is the place I will definitely recommend to anyone who is visiting the Bird Park. It’s the Lory Loft.


For S$3, you can purchase a small bowl of nectar water to feed the birds. It’s definitely worth it, a chance to be up close and personal with the beautiful creatures. Perfect place to take some superb photos.

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a species of parrot found in Australia. Just look at how playful the pair of parrots are. And also the colourful feathers underneath the wings.




You just need to place the nectar water near to the bird and they will just lean forward to feed. So fun!




The Rainbow Lorikeets often travel together in pairs, they are almost like love-birds.


A few more photos of feeding. I just like the colours..



The Bird Park is huge circle, so if you move from one end to the other, you will come across this amazing waterfall. It’s the tallest man-made waterfall in the world, over 30m. Here, it will be a chance to rest those tired legs and just enjoy the cool breeze and soothing sound of waters.



And what better way to end the trip than to have a cool dip at the Birdz of Play. This is the Bird Park’s new bird-themed water playground.


Papa is too tired to take any photos of the girls playing, but at least I have a very cute photo of Jayne to end all these off. Hope you enjoyed the reading and the birds.


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