Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Photographer In The Making

All photos are courtesy of Joey Kuan.

This is the 6th year & 3rd year we brought Joey & Jayne respectively back to JB for CNY. This is a tradition that has been in the family for decades. Which is why CNY is always such an enjoyable time for our family because it’s a time of reunion and bonding among relatives.

This year, Papa Isaiah decided to let Joey be the photographer. And she is fast showing the talent for a beginner and probably fulfil her daddy’s dream of becoming an outstanding photographer.

She knows the one-third rule..


Surprisingly her photos are quite sharp and clear.





This is a super good photo! Love the arrangement of 5 Lye sisters.


Joey took at least 10 shots to find this perfect pose.


Can you see the potential? Maybe I have to buy a better camera for her in the near future.

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