Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello? Are You Daddy?

Joey is old enough to memorise our mobile numbers. That is extremely important, cos if she is ever lost in a shopping mall or in a crowd (I pray that will never happen), she can approach someone and call us. Neat, right?

Not entirely right…

A recent call conversation from Joey went like this:

Joey: Daddy, I want to talk to Mommy?

Me: Mommy is busy working, do you want to talk to me instead? (that was the beginning of my mistake)

Joey: Daddy, what time will you be back tonight? Are you going to work late? Are you coming home with Mommy? Will you be coming home like usual time?

Me: Yes, we are coming home after work, not working late. What do you want to talk about?

Joey: Daddy, when you come back, remember to…. buy 1 duck rice for Nai Nai, buy 1 duck rice for Mei Mei, buy 1 duck rice for me. Also Nai Nai wants kopi-o, buy 1 kopi-o for her.

Me: (a bit sian liao) okay…

Joey: Must be hot kopi-o ah.. Mr kopi-o…

Me: Who?

Joey: You are Mr kopi-o… Mr kopi-o…

Who taught her to memorise my mobile number??

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