Friday, February 28, 2014

People of Phnom Penh

Looking through my photos, I realised I didn’t post this group of pictures taken in my previous trip to Phnom Penh. So I have decided to post it now, so that I can remember the feeling before it is gone.


He was enjoying a morning talk with his friends in one of the many street stalls. What caught me was the cigarette that was dangling on his lips. I walked over and asked to take a photo which he graciously agreed.


He was seated on a bike but seriously I don’t think he is able to ride alone.


Young chap that was just out and about to start this business in delivery, caught him just before he scooted off in his bike.


Initially his helmet visor was down and covered his face, when I asked to take a photo, he sportingly pushed up the visor to reveal his face for this picture.


She doesn’t know where to look, hiding behind her mother, she was trying to look at another friend just besides me. Cute.


This is the friend who was besides me and he insisted I take his photo too. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige. He shadowed me through the entire street and pointing out different ones for me to shoot. To a point I was afraid he would not leave me. Ha.


Just love the smile here. Though they may live in a shabby area and not much to their possession, but the contentment and happiness are things that cannot be bought.


I heard about it many times, but it was the first time I encounter it. This lady happily pose for my photo and subsequently stretched out her hand to ask for money. I initially thought no way, but ultimately I just gave her a dollar, just to bless her. Needless to say, she walked away happier than before.


This is probably one trade of coke & photo. I was looking to buy a bottle of coke and after paying, I asked for a photo chance, which she gladly agreed. Cool. I mean the coke.


This is a dangerous shot, because this man and several other friends were gambling behind one of the many huge lorries along the road. I happened to pass by and took a quick shot. You can see his slight displeasure at the disturbance.


Strolled into a kindergarten and can’t help but took some photos of the kids inside. Such an innocent face.


In the same school, I found this beautiful angel. Reminded me of my own girls when I was taking her photo.


Faces tell stories.

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