Friday, December 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The last post for 2012. I want to be thankful for so many people and things that has happened in this one year. Just selecting a few different people I hardly talk about in this blog.

IK Team
They are a group of friends who have been serving together with me in church. They look to me as their leader, and I look to them as my personal encouragers in times when I feel lonely in ministry. Their passion and love for the people will always spur me on and remind me the very reason why we continue to do what we are called to do.
Thank you!


Fellow Reds
Both Victor & Simon are my fellow Liverpool FC supporters. Really thankful for people like them in the office who makes working in this office one of the best thing to ever happen. We joke and talked about LFC like playing Football Manager. We drink Ya Kun everyday like we are the owners. Thank you guys for being my friend. YNWA!

Colleagues aka B.O.S.
Yvonne and Joyce are both Kless’s Best Of Sisters. Being the Kless’s husband and by the fact that Joyce sits just behind me in office, they are probably the closest girl colleagues I know in office. Especially Joyce who constantly irritates me with her “interest” as a garung kuni. If you have a chance to come to our office, you will understand, cos our desk area is just like the unofficial storeroom for everything we do in church. But nonetheless, thank you ladies for being my wife’s best friends and also mine.

My family
No matter what, the year cannot end without appreciating the 3 most important ladies in my life. God placed them to love me, to support me, to allow me to love them back. Friends will come and go at different seasons of life, but family is here to stay forever. So I thank God for all of you and thank you too!

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