Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It’s A Snap!

Recently I signed up for a Parent & Child Photography Session organized by Objectifs. This was the first photography session for Joey. We were suppose to bring a camera for Joey but sadly the one we brought was not charged properly and it did not work. Thankfully the organizers were kind enough to lead Joey a compact camera for her to try out.

The Photography Workshop was held at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, and the main objective was to teach the children some basic composition rules – Colours, Shapes & patterns, Don’t always put your subject in the middle, Be an Ant & Be a Giraffe.

Be a Giraffe, means to shoot from a top position like being a giraffe with a top-down view. As the best model I can be, I sat down on the floor so that Joey can take this photo while standing on a chair using my iPhone.

2012-12-01 10.23.01

After a 45mins classroom lesson, it was time to bring it outdoors for the kids to give it a try. Joey was super excited to try out the new ideas she has just learned. Kneeling down on every possible place just to get a “Be an Ant” shot.


This is us taking a shot at each other. Hers being “Be an Ant” position and mine is “Be a Giraffe” position.



Another shot I took for her from a top-down view.
I am quite suited for “Be a Giraffe” shots.


Either Joey has a talent for photography or she is a fast learner. Just after a short lesson, she can actually remember all the key points and planned her shots to be what she learnt. Here are some of the photos she took. Some are really very good.













After the 40mins outdoor session, we are back to the classroom where every child gets to choose a photo they have taken and print it out to be placed in a photo frame of their choice. Joey gets to decorated it with stickers and glitters too.

2012-12-01 11.34.59

A big group photo with the teacher before we leave.

2012-12-01 12.03.12

Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film
It is a visual arts centre dedicated to promoting photography and film. The centre provides instruction in  photography and filmmaking at different skill levels. Apart from regular courses, they offer customised workshops for schools and corporations.

You can check out more of their courses and details here.

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