Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Peony Jade's CNY - 8 Rhapsodies of Spring

Media Invite

When it comes to Chinese New Year (CNY), one of the talking point and highlight has to be the Reunion Meal. Nowadays, families are celebrating not necessary on the CNY eve night, but more families are planning their reunion meal (lunch or dinner) earlier. Either way, the main thing is to reunion with family members and loved ones. And for Chinese, the reunion meal has to be one of the best for the year, typically symbolizing happiness, abundance, prosperity, peace, fortune, health, etc.

Peony Jade brought the tasting of CNY meal to a whole new level when we visited them at their restaurant at Keppel Club. We were treated to the festive creation of “Eight Rhapsodies of Spring”, featuring two new dessert creations and eight other new and signature dishes.


Before the sumptuous dinner, we were spoilt with superb appetizers.

IMG_6773 IMG_6775

First up was the ‘giant’ Yu Sheng. Seriously, this is the largest Yu Sheng I have ever seen and also the tastiest one.

“Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Bonsai-shaped Monies Tree Yu Sheng
Enriched with premium seafood such as lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, Atlantic salmon, sweet shrimp, and urchin.

Priced at S$198.80, this Yu Sheng serves up to 15 guests.


IMG_6781 IMG_6793

“Prosperity & Smooth Sailing” Hand-crafted Goat-shaped Deep Fried Hum-Soi-Kuok
Glutinous rice stuffed with minced pork and mushrooms.

Priced at S$9.88 per order of 3 pieces.


“Reaping Abundance Wealth” Australian Premium Whole Abalone Poon Choi
With 18 premium ingredients such as 10-head Australian abalones, whole Sakura Chicken, whole pork knuckle, golden oysters, roast pork, South African spikes sea cucumber, fresh whole scallops, pork tendons, fatt choy, fish maw, king prawns, whole shiitake mushrooms, homemade sea-grouper mousse cake, whole golden dried conpoy, taro, beancurd skin, radish, and broccoli.

Priced at S$468.88 for the Mini Premium Pot Package (serves 6 guests) or S$598.88 for the Premium Pot Package (serves 8-10 guests).


“A Wealth of Prosperity and Longevity” Hong Kong Roast USA Goose
Pre-marinated 3.8kg grain-fed goose infused with the brand’s noble broth rich with Chinese herbs like Angelica root and Radix Astragali.

Priced at S$188.88, serves up to 12 guests.


“Abundance Fortune” Slow-fire Stewed Lamb
With Bamboo Shoots, fresh whole garlic, and beancurd skin.

Priced at S$78.88, serves 6-8 guests.


Reunion Steamed “Abundance Wealth” Claypot Jasmine Rice
With Chinese sausages, liver sausages and homemade Air Duck Drumstick.


And finally for the desserts!

“Huat ah!” Prosperity Goats Gift Set
8 realistic lovable handcrafted goat-shaped snowskin pastries. Each filled with salted egg custard.

Priced at S$88.88 per set.



Are you ready to feast? Don’t mind calling Peony Jade for reservations. I am sure your Reunion Meal will be a great one!

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