Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to 1982

This board had been with me since 1982. It’s one of the greatest present from my parents and accompanied us all these years, providing so much fun especially to my brother and me.

DSC_0588 (2)

What am I talking about?

This is game that lies somewhere between billiards and table shuffleboard. It’s also known to some as finger billiards, carrum, karum, karom, or best known to most as Carrom!


Can you see the 4 striker disc? It’s all handmade by my father, craved with his own name “Richard”. Cool right?



So this the famous board since 1982, which makes it the longest game still functioning well in the Kuan Family.


Now, it is the girls’ turn to take over the family heirloom. The first introduction to a brand new world of fun, I hope.


Jayne is still too young to master the skill of flicking the striker disc, so she improvised and did the push method.



It was great fun for the first-timers. Next up, we will bring back the fond memories together with my brother and father. Carrom family time! Rocks!

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