Friday, April 27, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

Who would have imagine that writing a blog will become something so huge? To even have an award ceremony for outstanding / popular blogs.

Organised by, this is Singapore Blog Awards’ fifth year in the running. I was first introduced to this event in the year 2011 (last year), where I was invited to attend because my dear wife’s blog was a finalist in the “Best Family Blog” category.


It was a totally new experience, to see so many people who virtually presents their lives on the web social media and now become real in sight. Nonetheless, it was a great chance to meet new friends and put faces to names.

This year, I have decided to give it a try at the awards. Who knows? I may also be a finalist like my wife.. So what categories did I registered for?

1. Best Family Blog (To compete with my wife, purely a male ego thing)
Bloggers in the same category (Blogs I read)
Klessis Lee, Edmund Tay, Andy Lee, Dawn Lee, Kelvin Ang, Susan Koh, Sandra


2. Panasonic Eco Best Photography Blog (Why not? This could be an excuse to buy better camera gears if I win)
Bloggers in the same category (Blogs I read)
Photoblog HK, Calvin Timothy Leong, Ai Sakura


3. Best Travel Blog (Self-proclaim, in hope that someone someday will sponsor me for a trip)
Bloggers in the same category (Blogs I read)
Kelvin Ang, William Tan, Silver Ang, Darren Ang


So there you have it! I am officially running for the best blogger in the Kuan Family. Chances are 50-50. Support me if you are a man! Support me if you are a husband! Support me no matter what!

If you are still not convinced, check out Singapore Blog Awards 2012 website or FB. You can either register your own blog or nominate someone you know, closing date is May 6. You can also join the league and win the grand prize of a 4D3N Macau Trip and many more prizes if you vote online for your favourite bloggers (that’s me, becos you are reading my blog right now).


  1. Good luck! :)
    It's my first time joining too.. just for the experience heh.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. hope to see all of us there for the ceremony! =)

  3. Hey! thanks for the mention! Welcome to the blogosphere and good luck! hope you'll be one of the top 10 finalists! ;)

  4. thanks! like the rest, just trying out for the experience.. always a fun thing to know more friends and join more events.. =)

  5. For many of us newbies, it's pretty amazing how blogging has evolved from just an online diary to a platform where we can share ideas and also our experiences, especially for parents. It's been a pleasure knowing so many parent bloggers in Singapore :)

  6. yea! who would have known an online post can bring so many strangers together and become friends..especially parenting, it's such a blessings to know so many similiar people out there to share the joy and sorrow.. =)