Monday, September 10, 2012

2 Hours With Jayne

While Kless enjoyed her “me-time”, a complimentary spa treatment, I had the chance to go on a date with my second girl.

After sending Mummy to her appointment, we walked to a nearby coffeeshop for breakfast. What better way to start the day other than a cup of milo drink? Usually Jayne will share a cup of milo with her sister, but today she gets to enjoy it all by herself. Special!




Once our stomachs are filled, we are ready to walk around the area in Chinatown and explore new things. Like taking a photo in front of a reflective window. A few people passed us and were intrigued by our self-absorbed fun with such a simple thing. But that is the fun with Jayne, simple things are enough to make her happy.


Another moment where she saw this white fence and requested to take a few shots. The good and the bad.



As we walked towards the old buildings, we saw an old cobbler  Uncle busy mending shoes. Jayne just went up to him and asked, “你的手会痛吗?” So cute!


Two hours is not a long time when you are enjoying yourself. Soon it was time to walk back to Mummy’s spa place. On the way, we walked into an aircon mall. Jayne took the liberty to choose a polo-tee and a pair of jeans for me.

What have I done to deserve this? Both are ladies’ clothes…


This is so fun! Looking forward to our next date.
I love dating my daughter!!



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