Friday, September 28, 2012

Joey Gets A New Pair Of Glasses

Teaser Post

Thanks to Nanyang Optical, Joey will get a free eye check and a sponsored pair of glasses.

Joey with her current glasses. Pink frame with normal lenses. But come October, she will be wearing a new pair of Eyelet Junior frame with Zeiss MyoVision lenses.
How cool!


A glimpse of the frames Joey will be able to choose from - Eyelet Junior. Which frame will Joey choose?

JT8 01(black) 44-17_HR

JT8 13 44-17_HR

JT9 01(red) 45-17_HR

JT10 11 44-17_HR

JT11 11(blue) 45-17_HR

And if you have a child who is wearing glasses too, don’t forget to check my post about the eye check and the benefits of Joey’s new glasses.

Because you will have a chance to win some vouchers.

Read the post on Oct 5 (Fri) to find out more.

Here are some upcoming promotions for Eyelet Jr at all Nanyang Optical outlets.
*Eyelet Jr + MyoVision Lenses + FREE $20 Popular Vouchers *= $338 (1.5
lenses)/$438 (1.6 lenses)
*_Extra Perks for NTUC Link Members:_*

With purchase of above special package, receive a pair of kids' branded
sunglasses worth $138 FREE!
*Barbie, Hot Wheels, Transformers, Titeus. Limited to 1st 100 pairs.


  1. I would love to get a white one, but too bad Eyelet no White colour. End up we pick the blue one (swap the orange legs).

    Girls would look good in violet :)
    And we are very happy with our boy's new specs.

    1. ya, the specs is good! joey would not let us choose for her amymore, the girl knows how to assert her wants.. =p