Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Staycation - Nearcation - Vacation

Staycation is a neologism for a period in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, possibly taking day trips to area attractions. Another closely related concept or term is nearcation, which is taking a vacation to a location relatively close to home.

Basically this is just another term for vacation but not going overseas. My dear wife really loves the idea of staying out for the night, even contemplating to organize a camping trip at East Coast Park. Much to my objections, so far we have been able to skim that idea. But when she suggested Sentosa, I know my days are limited. I have to relent sooner or later. So we booked for a night at Sentosa Costa Sands Hut. It was a 50% discount at $40 per night.


It used to be really a hut with palm tree leaves covering the roof and just a small fan with 2 small beds. Now, it’s air-conditioned with 2 double-decked beds. If you notice, the sheets are done by me. Army-style!


Right outside our hut was this relaxing peacock. Probably it was the weather, he must be enjoying the slight breeze and not distracted by us so excited squatting around it.



The weather was not for us, it was drizzling the entire afternoon right till evening. But still we managed to walk out for dinner and enjoy a rare evening along Siloso Beach. Missed the days I played beach volleyball with friends, so good to be youthful.


It was the first time I stepped into the Wavehouse and I realised that it is super cool if you know how to surf. This young guy captivated everyone’s attention for all the time he was on the waves.



We were actually planning to visit USS, Kless heard that the entry after 6pm was only $6 per adult. But I think the info was incorrect, we ended up just looking into the theme park from outside hoping to catch some parade actions.


But the girls taught me a valuable lesson, be content at all times. Even though the evening didn’t go as planned, they were still very entertained (self-entertained) by just the simple things like playing catching, splashing water, picking stones off the ground.





Sentosa is truly an island of fun and play, but only while there is light. Once night approaches, we can only retreat back to our hut (without TV or internet), truly a getaway I am not too used to. Finally we had a holiday where we slept at 8pm.

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