Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work Zero With My Colleagues

During the F1 week, some of our colleagues went out together for a day of fun away from work. Thus the name “Work Zero”. No discussion of work, no mention of deadlines.

Not wanting to spend more than usual, we chose to go nature instead of the usual movie-going or restaurant-feasting. We did FISHING at Bedok Jetty!!


What you see is just about half the group who braved the heat just in hope to catch some fish.



End up we only had this to show.


The rest excused themselves from the heat and proceeded to prepare the BBQ for us. Look at their cool pose with plastic bags.


We were totally self-sustaining, we brought along disposable BBQ tray, foldable table and chairs. Can you see Allen, the guy in-charge of BBQ-ing for everyone? I jokingly told him he looked like those preparing to burn joss sticks at some “spirit-tree”.



But the simple food turned out to be exceptionally good! Proved that it’s not the equipment that matters, it’s the heart in doing it.


After fishing and lunch, next thing to do in ECP has to be Cycling!


A group photo at Starbucks.


It was a great time hanging out with my boss and colleagues. It was a rare chance to see some of our colleagues letting their hair down and enjoyed an afternoon of fun and sweat. Looking forward to our next Work Zero!

Most photos are credited to my colleagues who took from their iPhones and Samsung S3.

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