Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[Giveaway] 100 Ways To Appreciate Mum

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With the coming of Mother’s Day, join BRAND’S® in a quest to find 100 ways (or more) to appreciate our mothers. From 28 Apr to 11 May 2014, take part in the BRAND’S® Mother’s Day Photo Contest by sharing your favourite photos of you with your mother, or anything that reminds you of her.

Submit your entries through Instagram with the hashtag #100WaysToAppreciateMum or through the BRAND’S® Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BrandsSG), and stand to win prizes including $100 worth of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest products and a photography package worth $500.

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For my dear readers, there is another chance for you to first win a pack of six BRAND’S Bird’s Nest. Just follow the GIVEAWAY steps below:

Step 1: Like J Babies’ Dad Facebook Page (if you have not)
Step 2: Write a comment on either this blog post or my Facebook post, tell us
“Why do you love your mother?”
Step 3: Leave your email for contact.

TWO most sincere and interesting post will win!
Giveaway will end on May 6. All winners will be notified by email.


Here is what my dear girls say when posed the same question, “Why do you love your mother?”

Joey: Because she is very kind. When I am confused, she will give me advice.


Jayne: Because she is pretty.


Wishing all Mothers an advance Happy Mother’s Day and a healthy one too!


  1. As we grow up and get busy with our lives, we sometimes forget and neglect the hard work our Mums do and sacrifices they make for the Family.
    How can you not love back the person who carried ya in her womb for 9 months, protected ya since the day ya were born, taking care of ya when ya are sick and will continue to care for ya for the rest of her life?

    Email: Juneunicorn@hotmail.com

  2. Everything I am, everything I have, everything I can be, is all due to my mom. Her selflessness in every single stage of my life, always being there for me, supporting me, guiding me or just being a shoulder I can lean on, has been the basis for who I am today. Dealing with a cranky teenager who too rarely shows her appreciation is definitely not easy, but my mom never gives up on me. No matter how ungrateful or annoying I may be , she is always patient and caring, always loving me for who I am. She never fails to sacrifice for me, giving up her own wants to help us achieve ours. Her never ending selflessness and care is unimaginable, and this is the reason why I will always love her the most no matter what happens <3


  3. There is no one else in the world, who contributes to our well being like our own mum. She is the earliest and closest person who taught me how to engage with the world, and how to relate to others. She is my best role model, by showing me what selflessness is, by constantly sacrificing her needs and wants for mine. Despite hard times where it seems as though no one appreciates what she does, she still remains stronger than ever. Character building was an essential class that she has taught me well. :) Without her, life would be a total mess! So glad that I have my mum in my life! <3

    contact: nie_yile@hotmail.com

  4. My mum has the hardest job in the world. She has to take care of the well-being of our family, be it physically or mentally. She has the biggest heart that shower us with love and concern at all times. She has the highest tolerance and patience when bringing us up. She made sure we never walk the wrong paths and always listen to what we have to say. She is the most important social support of my life and I just want her to be happy and healthy for a very long time. I love you, Mum! <3

    Email: gatekeeperweijie@gmail.com

  5. Dear all, thank you for participating in this giveaway. The winners will be notified by email soon. =)