Monday, March 4, 2013

Hong Kong 4D3N - Stanley

Stanley is located on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. The main attraction point is naturally the Stantley Market, with it’s enormous selection of brand-name clothing items and accessories, jewellery, home furnishings, souvenirs, ornaments and Oriental knick-knacks, all sold at a reasonable price.

There is no direct MTR to Stanley, but only Citybus. Which is why the place is one of the most favourite place in HK for both tourists and locals. The serenity and fresh air is a sharp contrast to the busy streets in Hong Kong Island.


It is indeed a great time to visit HK during Feb-Mar period, the weather was perfect for an outdoor walk.


We were there around 11am and the main roads are still quite empty. Best chance for us to wander around and find some cheap purchases. Shopping time!


We ended with more children clothing than anything else. Definitely my recommended place for kids’ products.


Besides the shopping, the best part of Stanley is the peaceful scenery. Of course if you are more a city-guy, then this may not interest you, but still any trip with some fresh air is always good.


Fishing boats, cool!


Don’t understand why Jayne suddenly becomes so “prim and proper” in this photo, actually I think she looks quite Korean in this shot.


Only close friends can travel together and I am happy to have found 2.



Does it look like ‘J.O.Y.’?


Back to her usual cheekiness =)


A photo to say it all about Stanley.


I would definitely visit Stanley again if I’m back in HK.

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