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Hong Kong 4D3N - Ocean Park

Read my previous post on the overview of this HK trip.

One of the pre-planned destination we wanted to visit on this trip was the Ocean Park. Many of our friends were recommending Disneyland but with only Jayne on this trip, she will not enjoy as much. We will visit Disneyland with Joey and Jayne in future (maybe next year).

We took the Citybus 629 from the Bus Terminal outside Admiralty MTR Station. I would recommend to purchase the tickets here at the terminal so that you can skip the queue at the Park.

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The weather was excellent and we are off for a great day!

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Ocean Park is separated into 2 parts, The Waterfront (lower portion) and Summit (upper portion). To reach the Summit, you can either take the Ocean Express or the Cable Car.


DSC_6577 DSC_6578

Jayne really loves the cable car ride. I guess she will grow up to be different from her parents, she will definitely enjoy all the roller coaster rides.



Waterfront Plaza
This is like a huge platform for many different performances. Since it was still CNY period, there was a Chinese drum performance which really brought much live to the audiences.


Sea Life Carousel
The place for both old and young. Children under 5 years need to be accompanied by an adult. But not by crazy friends like Joyce.



The seahorse was a bit too high for Jayne, eventually we shifted to the whale ride shown on top.


Old Hong Kong
Ocean Park is bringing back the culture of Hong Kong in the ‘50s-‘70s. Relive the early days through the old signboards, old buildings, old streets and recreated scenes.




DSC_6549 DSC_6548

I ate my favourite rice cake from the Old Hong Kong streets. Yummy!


Whiskers Harbour Games Zone
Come and try your skills against the rest in this classic arcade games zone. This is where you will find the children section of rides and playgrounds.



Balloons Up-Up-And-Away
A hot air balloon theme ferris wheel ride. Suitable for everyone!


Frog Hopper
This is Jayne’s favourite! Luckily she chose Kless to sit with her, seriously I think my long legs will touch the ground when it bounce down.

DSC_6793 DSC_6796

Just look at Kless& Jayne, both of them are so cute! =)

DSC_6799 DSC_6811

Toto the Loco
Choo choo train! Just one of those rides for the kids. But from Jayne’s expression, she enjoyed nonetheless and that is what matters.



Arctic Blast
This is a unique roller coaster ride for the whole family. But sorry, the Kuan Family is not so much into “fast-rides”. Just a photo to show you the exterior.


South Pole Spectacular
Walk into the Polar Adventure to see over 70 penguins from three species. A point to take note, to keep the polar animals comfortable, the zone is kept at relatively low temperature. So remember to bring a jacket along.

DSC_6770 DSC_6774

Hair Raiser
Race your heart out on this massive roller coaster, while dangling your legs high up above the South China Sea. Just look at how much our dear friends, Simon and Joyce loved it.

DSC_6616 DSC_6636

DSC_6624 DSC_6625

Whirly Bird
Inspired by vintage airplanes, this ride soars over 30meters in the air. Just make sure you don’t go up on such rides with a full stomach.


Rev Booster
Spins round and round at super fast speed. If you aren’t dizzy from the all the rides, then try this to bring the dizziness to a whole new level.

Thankfully, the crowd is considerably lesser than we expected, the wait for all the rides were quite fast. All smiley and excited for the ride.



Here they go! Simon is the real dude! The 2 girls were thrown towards the end by the spinning force.

DSC_6736 DSC_6724

The Flash
I name it the “crazy ride”. Rising over 22meters high, this ride whiz you around so fast you can almost see stars. Only for the brave hearted. Again demonstrated by Simon and Joyce. I’m just happy enough to take photos of Jayne outside the ride.

DSC_6641 DSC_6640


DSC_6658 DSC_6664



The Rapids
Give your heart a break, or just take the opportunity to get a bit wet on this water raft ride.

DSC_6595 DSC_6608

Ocean Park Tower
Before you leave the Summit, be sure to take the ride on the Tower which goes up 72meters high. From the height, you will be able to see practically the entire park and the amazing scenery beyond.




We had a great time. Hope you will find this post interesting and useful.

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