Monday, March 16, 2015

Family Wellness Day

The last time we accompanied Joey for her school’s Family Wellness Day was already one year ago. Time really flew past so quickly, and this year the Parents’ Volunteer Group took over the rein and planned the activities for more than 100 students and parents to the Kranji Farms.

First stop was Hay Dairies Goat Farm, and I think Joey appreciated this visit much better than the last because she can finally understand the process of milking and hopefully appreciate the goat’s milk delivered to our home every week.


On this trip we were able to see her interact with her classmates and in turn she introduced to us her BFF, Xuyuan (the girl on Joey’s right).


Xuyuan seems to be a very popular girl, most of the classmates like to hang around her (later we got to know she is in the school volleyball team and their primary school is famous for volleyball). But at some point on the trip, Jayne asked Xuyuan is she also Joey’s BFF, Xuyuan shyly nodded her head. That moment was precious. As a father who is slightly concerned that my elder girl is too bossy around her friends and sometimes too “tom-boyish”, knowing that her BFF also likes to be with her is a huge burden off our shoulders.


Back to the goats. Goat milk is good for people with asthma, skin problems, and those who have allergies to dairies. Goat’s milk is alkaline in nature thus more acceptable for the body. If you are interested, check out more on this website. We orders 2 bottles of goat’s milk weekly to replace the milk intake for Joey. I consume it too.


DSC_3842 DSC_3846

After the milking, the goats are led back to their tent.



You can almost see that some of them are so sad to be back into the tent.


Bearing the smell from the animals, the children were still very excited to be able to touch the kid (baby goats).


DSC_3867 DSC_3869


Jayne is a bit too short to reach over the fence. So cute!

DSC_3882 DSC_3883

This photo will surely be reviewed by the group of friends after many years later.


Second stop was to visit the Wheat Farm or Organic Farm in the same vicinity.


This farm produces Wheatgrass 小麦草, Black Fungus 黑木耳, Mushrooms, Cactus, Pea Sprouts, Aloe Vera. The presenter was quite funny and explained quite candidly about the benefits of the different products. Like Black Fungus is very good for people with high cholesterol. Cactus is good for controlling diabetes. Check out the website for more detail benefits.





DSC_3994 DSC_3995


Jayne and Kless.


The two good friends never went any place without each other.


Passed the camera to Jayne and these are her photos.







A great day to spend some time in the open under the sun with the girls. A friend later commented that we are very “on” to bring the girls out for events, my reply is just doing my best to provide a balanced lifestyle.


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