Thursday, August 13, 2015

AXA Young Families

Campaign Launch

Over the years, the definition of FAMILY may have deviated slightly, but largely, it still refers to a Nuclear Family with a set of parents and their children. Or playfully, we sometimes refer FAMILY as “Father And Mother I Love You”.

Whatever it is, a family remains the core unit of trust, love and comfort.

As a father of 2 girls, I have experienced my fair share of pains and heartaches when it comes to unexpected accidents. Frankly speaking, there is nothing much we can do to prevent accidents when it comes to kids, we can provide the best environment, but no one can predict the uncertainty of life. Hence, the best solution is to be PREPARED - To be aware of what help is available, what precautions can be reached and what insurances are tailored to our specific needs.

AXA Life Insurance Singapore launched a new campaign - AXA Young Families - to provide targeted protection for the whole family at different life stages, from pregnancy to birth and raising kids. While it is common for Singaporean parents to sacrifice time and money on their children, AXA would like to shine a spotlight on (not just the kids) the often-neglected parents themselves.

What can you expect in this new campaign launch – AXA Young Families?

First-of-its-kind pre-natal plan package, “AXA Family Advantage”, to allow couples, when expecting a child, the flexibility to select 8 different types of protection, savings and investment plans for themselves to prepare for the responsible role of being parents. The plan simultaneously offers pre-natal coverage for an expectant mother, and subsequently when the child is born, the parents can choose to insure their child in a straightforward process with no health questions asked.

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AXA also redesigned and enhanced their existing pre-natal insurance package, “AXA Mum’s Advantage” and “introduced a new Personal Accident plan, “AXA Band Aid”. Just as how you always keep band aids at hand, AXA Band Aid is a basic necessity as a personal accident plan for families. A replacement for its previous personal accident plan, AXA Band Aid is a simple personal accident protection plan which provides flexibility for customers to only pay for what they need and remove additional options that they do not need.


Recently, I was having a conversation with my wife and realized that she has little recollection of what happened during her pre-natal checks. I think it’s probably because she had to go through so many tests that by the time she was done, she was all tired out from carrying the extra 20kg with her everywhere she went. For me however, I clearly remembered the cost of the checks and tests; I remembered the movements of the fetus; I remembered how worried I was before every test result was announced. Just like the photo above, sometimes I think I am the one who need the checks. That was back then, when we were not so equipped with the knowledge of what was available to us. If we can turn back the clock, I am pretty sure I will be well prepared to provide a smooth and hassle-free delivery for my wife (in terms of finances) and also a “worry-free” experience for me.

So here is what AXA has in store for all Parents with newborns / young toddlers.

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AXA with Class 95 will run this Radio Contest from 10 Aug to 17 Sep 2015, to win a home cleaning session courtesy of AXA Daddy Rescue team who will mop, clean, wipe and even sing Acapella for you! The contest will be played on Class 95 between 6am to 10pm, with a weekly winner being selected on the 21 Aug, 28 Aug and 4 Sep. Plus, all entries will stand a chance to win 1 grand prize – A Babycation weekend stay for 2, at Capella Sentosa worth $2,000! The grand prize will be announced on 18 Sep 2015.

Contest mechanics:
SMS AXA <space> Name <space> NRIC <space> Why you deserve this, to 76677.
The most creative reason wins!


AXA prepared 2 very touching videos for you!
Husbands, here is a tip.. Watch it first before you watch with your wife, and maybe you can have an idea what to do.

To My Wife and Mother-to-be, Forever Yours.

Raising a Family Can Be Stressful. Things Are a Little Easier with AXA.


  1. FYI, the SMS does not work, sending to 76677 i got a reply from yves rocher instead of axa

    1. Hi Vincent,
      I tried it on my side, it is working fine. Can you try again?
      Here is a sample:

      AXA Isaiah S1234567A I want to win!