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On a physical level, nothing is more demanding than a 42km Full Marathon race for me. Cos there was a time I have been advised by doctors to give up running all together. But I did it!

I think this is has to be the longest personal project I have embarked on, a 2-year training starting Jan 2016. Gearing towards the finale on 3 Dec 2017 where I challenged my first Full Marathon (42km).

2017-11-30 15.24.33

Training was going on well and my runs were progressing fine all until May this year, when I had to undergo a totally unforeseen retinal detachment surgery and I was out for 5 months from May to Sep, not running a single step. I seriously thought that my dream is once again gone and everything seems bleak and down. 1.5 years of training all wasted, it was like tripping just before the finishing line and got to be taken out.

Thank God for amazing support from friends all around me. 2 brothers from my cell group decided to sign up for the FM race just to show their support, thinking that even if I cannot run and fulfill my dream, at least they can help me fulfill it. But their support spurred me on and provided that additional push of faith in myself and I started to pick it up in Oct. It was tough, running less than 2km in my first run after 5 month’s break, my knees were pain and I was totally out of breath. To keep the long story short, I pushed on and eventually managed to clear two 10-12km run before the race day.

2017-12-03 14.21.08 2017-12-03 14.08.29

All these could not be possible without the greatest supporter I have, my wife. Right from the beginning she has never doubted me, always encouraging me, even when I had my surgery, she was reassuring me that I can still run after the recovery. She has more faith than I had in myself. Just like the bible says, “when one man finds a wife, he obtains a good thing.” I truly believe I have obtained the best thing in life when I married her.

2017-12-03 14.19.34

2017-12-03 14.18.18

Fast forward, I am a proud winner of my personal dream, to complete a Full Marathon. Will I do it again? YES!
Don’t ask me why, but running has not just become a way of exercise, but it has become a way of discipline and constant reminder that God is good in my life. A reminder of all the love and support I have received. A reminder that I can fulfill any dreams if I can just believe.

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