Thursday, July 5, 2018

Khao Yai - Secret Art Garden

2018-06-18 11.55.18

As mentioned in my previous post, the trip to Bangkok was organized for a maiden trip for 12 members from my CG. So to foster even closer bonding than we already had, we took on the idea of buying a group tee from one of the night markets in BKK prior to this 1-day road trip to Khao Yai.

Khao Yai is a town that is about 3 hours drive from Bangkok. It would definitely be a great break from the usual traffic and crowd of BKK streets and into the lush and relaxed of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Thailand’s third largest national parks.

But with just less than 8 hours to explore Khao Yai, we did the most touristy itinerary – to visit the most popular places recommended on the internet.

Secret Art Garden

2018-06-18 11.56.15

As you entered this garden, you can almost understand immediately why the name. The garden and art pieces “littered” all over the place gives a whimsical feel of stepping into a fairy playground.

2018-06-18 12.04.23

2018-06-18 12.08.53 2018-06-18 12.11.03

Don’t quite understand the language, but open to your own translation.
”No turning back in love”

2018-06-18 11.58.38

The garden has its art rooms and sections open for public to tried painting and creating your own art piece, suitable for both adults and children. In fact, for adults it would be a great opportunity to just release that child-like creativity you may have lost in the busy working life.
Be messy, be yourself!

2018-06-18 12.05.33

As a typical Singaporean or maybe a city person, one thought that crosses my mind was the lack of management of the place, maybe a bit more clean up or more publicity would do no harm. However, as I quietly walk around the garden (thankfully we were the only group at that time), I realized that the garden was just maintained in its most natural way. The owner allowed nature to grow and simply weave the art naturally into the environment. After a while, I fully appreciate what the owner has or has not done.

2018-06-18 12.01.48

2018-06-18 12.32.02 2018-06-18 12.31.15

A photo taken by the youngest member of the trip.

2018-06-18 12.13.08

There is a restaurant in this place but we didn’t get to try the food. But you can imagine having your breakfast or afternoon tea here.

2018-06-18 12.09.41

2018-06-18 12.28.46 2018-06-18 12.32.02

The couples in the group happened to walk together for the last hour and we almost stopped at every single art piece for some couple or group photo.

2018-06-18 13.44.25

2018-06-18 13.37.58

2018-06-18 14.32.44

Time to go … If we ever visit Khao Yai again, I will surely be back here another time.
Enjoy the rest of the photos!

2018-06-18 12.20.21

2018-06-18 12.33.51

2018-06-18 12.34.42 2018-06-18 12.33.00

2018-06-18 12.15.05 2018-06-18 12.18.14

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