Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Citizens

Thanks to omy blog for organising a wonderful Singapore Blog Awards 2011. And a greater thanks to my dear wife for giving me the chance to join this event. Though I have been blogging for a few years but I have never been active in the blog sphere. Only in recently months, I have started to know a few more blogger friends and has been invited to more events.


Held at Shanghai Dolly, this year’s award ceremony gathered about 300 over bloggers. It’s really a gathering of the virtual world citizens in a reality set. Do you recognise any of them on stage? The 10 best dressed bloggers.


To be frank, I was really surprised when I saw that the Guest-of-Honor is Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing. He looks so much younger in person than on TV.


My beautiful wife with Liang Po Po. Mint won the best dressed female blogger of the event.


Met a few Daddy Bloggers and I think we are probably the older group in the hall. but we still look very young and handsome right? =D
Edmund, Andy, Me)


Congrats to the “Family Category” Winner – Daphne


It’s a pleasure to hang around with this group of blogsphere friends. I’m sure we will be seeing each other more often at future events.


Introducing the best blogger for me! My inspiration!


Pardon me for the quality of the photos, still trying to figure out the technique of taking good shots in a darker room.

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  1. wow, u sure score point with Mrs :)
    Between love the group photo, our friends do know know where to look, too many cameras keke.