Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Date Your Wife With Photography

Not a lot of people have heard of Mount Emily Park which is situated next to Istana. It’s a nice small park for joggers and photography.


This is the first time Kless and I went out on a photo date. Definitely not the last. Kless is already talking about driving north to Malaysia for a travel photo trip. Nice idea!

Just besides Mount Emily Park is the famous Wild Rocket restaurant.


I like to take photos of stand alone trees. Maybe because it gives me the feeling that you can be alone but still strong.


A back view of a park bench.


Look at how the branches grew over the years. There is really a lot to learn from a tree, they adapt to the environment and grow stronger just so that they can survive.


Seeing this picture reminds me of holiday. Looks like some part of a holiday resort right?


My partner in shoot.


I shoot you, you shoot me.


Can you see the red ants?




Don’t just seek for breakthrough in work, why not a new level in dating? After 10 years of courtship & 9 years of marriage, I am still looking forward to every dating opportunity with my dearest wife. Love you Kless!!

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