Monday, August 12, 2013

EPL - StarHub or SingTel?

So the long-drawn battle is over. SingTel’s appeal was rejected and now the cross-carriage has to be done. Which means, StarHub gets to host EPL matches starting this new season 2013/14. It should be good news to all consumers, we can finally choose just one TV Cable (Red or Green). But the aftertaste was sort of a bitter one.

SingTel was casted as the ‘big bully’ and since he has lost the fight, the decision was to drag everyone down in defeat. With a single selfish swipe of decision, the new season package for EPL matches are now offered at $59.90 per month. That works out to be about $15 per match (assuming you only watch 1 match per week). If you happen to miss one of the matches, it will be $20 per match or $30 per match if you missed 2 matches in a month. Would it then be better to just make that trip to the nearby kopitiam and spend that money on beer? You can even order some satay or chicken wings to go along.

Your decision is sacred.

Here is what the 2 camps are offering.

SingTel – EPL Package
All existing MIO TV contracts honoured. Which means the new pricing will not be implemented to existing customers whose contracts are yet to run out. But if you are planning to renew, the new price kicks in.

Gold Pack @ $64.90 per month
> 9 BPL Channels (worth $59.90)
> 53 Family+ Channels (worth $29.90)
> Up to 23 Channels from your favourite ethnic packs (worth up to $42.80)
> 8 Movie Channels (worth $16.90)
> 11 World Sports Channels (worth $14.90)
> Free mio TV GO (worth $5/mth) till 31 May 2014
> Watch HD Channels at no extra cost
> Most number of HD Channels (59 channels)
> Lowest HD set-top box rental

Stadium+ Pack @ $59.90 per month
> mio Stadium Multiview (CH101)
> mio Stadium (CH102-108)
> mio Stadium On Demand (CH109)
> Note: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup, La Liga, French Ligue 1 and Italian Serie A are not included. Only available in Gold Pack / World Sports Pack

StarHub – EPL Package
Get a $30 rebate every month for the next 2 seasons. Valid for new and existing customers with or without contracts. No bundling required. No contract on the rebate.

Football in 3 easy steps
> Get your NRIC and StarHub TV Subscription ID
> Take them to any SingTel shop and sign up for BPL cross-carried on StarHub TV
> You will automatically receive the $30 rebate in your StarHub monthly bill within 90 days from the date of sign up
> Note: BPL matches will be broadcasted in HD. Please swap your digital set-top box to a HD set-top box

So what is your choice? Mine is simple. Currently, I have both MIO TV (purely for EPL) and StarHub TV (watched by the entire family). The Gold Pack offered by SingTel seems like a very enticing offer, but essentially I am paying more for what I do not need. If I switch over to StarHub, the price will be halved with the $30 rebate per month. And I would have everything in one set-top box, cutting all the hassle of switching set-top box if I want to watch the EPL matches. But I think the main deciding factor to ditch the Red camp is because of their cable quality. It has been a tremendous pain for the past 3 years with MIO, experiencing the most inconvenient lost of signal during crucial matches. In short, I have changed my MIO set-top box for more than 3 times, called the hotline almost every month, had 4 different technicians coming to home and still cannot rectify the problem. Surprisingly, the signal was much better the past one month. Is it because now there is competition?

Current setup ($140)
SingTel – $65 (EPL)
StarHub – $75 (Family, News, Kids, Chinese)

New setup ($105)
SingTel – $59.90 (cross-carriage)
StarHub – $45 (Family, News, Kids, Chinese, EPL), price is after $30 rebate

Just for info… You can do the cross-carriage over the phone on SingTel’s hotline, but just be patient with the “foreign english” call-operator. If not, a trip to any SingTel Shop would be best.



  1. Actually you can retain your old plan if you are an existing subscriber . I am still under the old plan. Cost $35.5 with some free channels. Will switch if they take this out.

    1. Ya bro, you are right. But my contracted ended liao.. so it will be the new cost.. =(

  2. But on Starhub you can't get any other tournament games like Champions League and FA Cup right?

    1. you get what you pay for.. if you pay for the package with CL and FA Cup, then you can watch on starhub too.. it's all cross carried from Singtel..