Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grandma Is 90

This is one of my happiest post. My grandma has just turned 90 years old! Simply love her hair!


I was under my grandma’s care for about 3 years since birth. Therefore, there is a special link between us and every time I get to see her (she stays in JB), I would love to just sit besides her and listen to her telling me to eat more, take care of my family, must remember to pray more, etc. She is such an adorable and beautiful lady.


Almost everyone is back for the celebration. Aunt Siew Kim came back from Melbourne too.


Grandma has 7 children, 6 girls and 1 boy. So it took a while to take turns for individual family photo with her, but she happily obliged even though I can see she was a bit tired from all the smiling and posing for camera. I mean how many of us can or will live till 90 years old, it is indeed a great blessing.


Just the 6 sisters with their mother.


The grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.


Grandma sharing some intimate moments with different ones.

DSC_1955 DSC_2220



The Kuan Family with Grandma.


Besides the celebration, it was also a great chance for our families to gather together, and it’s obvious everyone is having a very happy time.




This is Joey and Jayne with their younger cousin, Zachery.


The three of us goofing around.

We all had the traditional longevity noodle, and Grandma was so sporting to pose for me.


Time for blowing the candle and cake cutting. Happy 90th birthday Grandma!

DSC_2194 DSC_2205

A perfect ending to a great night, praying for more blessings for Grandma. Praying for better health and happier days ahead. Love you Grandma!


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