Monday, March 24, 2014

A Night’s Out at Marina Bay


If you have not visited this year’s i Light Marina Bay 2014 event, then I strongly recommend that you do so before it ends on 30 Mar.

If you have the time and your children are well rested for the night, then I would recommend you to start the walk from Esplanade. Enjoy the beautiful night with beautiful performances at the Outdoor Theatre.


Both my girls loved the music and were actually dancing along with the flute’s beautiful sound. A great lesson for the young ones to exercise freedom and encourage creativity. I envy them for I have never had such opportunities when I was young.

I can only dream…


One of the first light installation you will get to see from here is the Giant Dandelion, designed by a French-Filipino artist, Olivia d’ Aboville. It’s a huge forest of 90 larger-than-life light flowers of varying heights.


On a close look, you will then realise that the lights are actually made of recycled plastic water bottles we see in our everyday life. How creative! Coincidentally, both the girls did a similar pose.

DSC_8683 DSC_8690


Some of the installations are just for viewing more than interactive, I will skip those but if you are interested, do check out on the i Light website or my earlier post here.

For children, there prefer those that they can touch and play, like the Cloud installation.

DSC_8713 DSC_8714

Along the way, look out for interesting Uncle bikers who sportingly contributed to the lights around the Marina Bay area.


As we reached the half way point of the 28 light installations, let me recommend you to stop for a while and indulge in the super nice gelato from Au Chocolat, situated at level 1 MBS. You get to choose 4 flavours for the price of $9.20. The children will love you for it, even the wife will love you more!


Continue on towards The Promotory and you will find the next route of light arts.

Beat, done by Singapore designers, the translucent “balls” responds to touch and the colours changes and glows as a single beat. Not too sure if it responds to the shoes, but please don’t spoil the lights Joey.

DSC_8752 DSC_8754 DSC_8756


An installation that will definitely consume much time is The Wishing! Tree. Get a free wishing strip and write down your wishes, make sure you drop well and land on the furthest top. A word of caution, it’s not as easy as it seems.



As you pass by the Marina Bay City Gallery, don’t miss out this interactive installation that is inside the hall. Mimosa – an interactive artwork that mimics the “touch-me-not” plant all kids are quite familiar with in the gardens. It was quite fun for Joey as she is tall enough to enjoy the fun, but for Jayne she is slightly short to see the artwork properly, she left with a loud “boring”. Hahaha..


This is really more for the photographers, nothing that interest the girls, but just the idea of watering cans known as “The Guardian Angels”. This is done by two artists from Greece and France, echoing the preservation of the garden and plants and by extension, nature.


I wouldn’t mind having something so beautiful and colourful in my house. Getting ideas for future renovations?


Last but not least, as we walked towards the end of the route, we found the light installations that everyone (both children and adults) loves. It was a good plan to walk through the rest of the installations first, if not, I cannot guarantee that we will finish the entire route.

The Pool – is a group of giant, concentric circles created from interactive circular pads. By entering The Pool, visitors enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects of light and colour.

Ready – Go!






As mentioned in my earlier post on i Light Marina Bay, if you can catch the right timing, be sure to head towards the Helix Bridge to watch the 3-min long Celebration of Life, a light projection on the ArtScience Museum exterior walls.

i Light Marina Bay, daebak!

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