Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family That Eats Together Stays Together

Media Invite

What come to mind when we talk about having family reunion dinner? Chinese New Year? Once a year event?

Well, four final year students from NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, led a campaign “The Real Reunion”. This is an social initiative campaign that aims to strengthen family bonds through meals.

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The Real Reunion campaign seeks to leverage on the idea of 团圆饭, reunion dinner to encourage youths to be the initiator for family meals. Traditionally, reunion dinner signifies family unity, love and strength to the Chinese. No matter how busy we are, reunion dinner is like a magnet that draws family members back home to reconnect, reinforce, and preserve kinship ties. The four students want to emphasize that reunion dinner is not restricted to only the Chinese and does not have to happen only on festive seasons.

From the Chinese, to the Malay and Indian families, the campaign promotes Asian values of collectivism and holds ideals of family unity and harmony. This is the reason for the campaign to spread the idea that reunion dinner does not need to be a yearly affair, it can be a daily affair.

Check out the different videos uploaded by The Real Reunion SG.

In celebration of International Year of the Family 2014, this event has doubled it’s significance, and we are so grateful to be one of the many families to be invited for the real reunion @ Blisshouse Theme Restaurant.




The Blisshouse Theme Restaurant is indeed a cosy place for family meals, just the nice deco alone are enough to excite little Jayne.

DSC_8551 DSC_8554


It was such a joy to see Jayne ate up all her pasta especially so when she was just recovering from a stomach virus.

DSC_8589  DSC_8592

Of courser with the promise of Gelato ice cream, everything is possible. Haha..


The event was graced by the Guest-of-Honour, Ms Low Yen Ling (Parliamentary Secretary, MSF). And the amazing four NTU students (Jayne, Desmond, Zhihui & Nathan) who made all these possible. Kudos!

2014-03-09 22.15.04

Treasuring the opportunity to have reunion dinner with Andy, Kelvin, Wacky Duo, Edmund & Robert.

2014-03-09 22.15.08

And thanks to Pink Blue Photography for this nice family photo!


Usually most events end with good memories, but the team of The Real Reunion truly brought it home with the true spirit of FAMILY when they handwritten this special note of thanks. The event is not just good but GREAT!


Thank you!

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