Thursday, July 14, 2016

Floral Garage SG

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As we progress in life, getting more adequate in life, in social media greetings. Oddly, one form of greetings and well-wishes never seems to die out. The act of hamper gifting.

Even after my FIL is gone for almost 2 years, we are still giving hampers to his old business partners during festive seasons. Our neighbor is a Malay family and when it’s Hari Raya festive, we will gift small hampers of goodies and well-wishes to them. And them to us during Christmas.

A hamper filled with snacks, chocolates and sometimes liquor, always portray a simple gesture of love, sincerity and thoughtfulness, yet at the same time not being too shabby.

So, I am here to introduce to you, the reinvented luxurious hamper from Floral Garage SG.

2016-06-28 23.04.51

The hamper comes along with a nice rattan box, filled with various snacks and chocolates from one of my favorites, Royce.
And what goes best with chocolates? Wine. A bottle of Red.

2016-06-28 23.06.33 2016-06-28 23.07.27

Last but not least, to add the touch of love for the ladies, the hamper comes with a super nice pot of fresh flowers.
First time I see Lotus as part of a floral arrangement, quite nice and new.

2016-06-28 23.05.29

2016-06-28 23.08.35

For more information on the products available from Floral Garage SG, just click on the link and start ordering online.

And exclusively for all my readers, Floral Garage SG is very kind to offer a 15% discount off all purchases (except sale items).
You just need to key in “isaiah15” at checkout to enjoy the benefit.

Like in Chinese sayings, good things always come in doubles.


I will be giving away 1 Hamper to 1 Winner worth $300! Just follow the instructions below and stand a chance to bless your loved ones with the best hamper gift.

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  1. i would like to win this hamper and share it with my mum friends, she had a friends name Ah boy. we always call him uncle, he is my mum neighbor as my mum was take care of him because he is Stroke. I love to share with him and make him happy. :D (FB: Elisa Lee)

  2. Hope to win this for my husband for his hard work, care and love. Why always girls the one receiving flowers? :)

  3. i would like to win this and share it with my girl, she care about me a lot and also she is the one i love.

  4. Love to be blessed for my family who means a world to me...

  5. Hope to win this hamper for my hubby. Despite his hectic work schedule, he will still help out in the house chores and looking after the kids with no complaints. He definitely deserve this awesome hamper!

  6. Love to win this to cheer up my hubby for his impending retrenchment.He's seem more downcast as usual.

  7. Great Giveaway by J Babies' Dad & Floral Garage Singapore
    Sharing e love with Terry Jude Torri Anne Gnin & Ada Thong
    Liked & Share via FB #HopetoWIN

  8. Hope to win this great giveaway for my family :) May luck b with me. :)