Thursday, July 21, 2016

Marine Cove Playground

One of the latest happening places in Singapore has to be Marine Cove. Since its opening about 3 weeks back, thousands of families have already been there, either to eat or for the playground or just to check out the place.

2016-06-30 15.39.27

We are the same. And the playground has indeed wow us.

2016-06-30 15.37.40

Just a note for all parents, some of the slides are made of metal, so it’s not advisable to bring your kids to play when the sun is very hot in the afternoon. And of course, bring lots of water!

2016-06-30 15.38.37

As you can see, there are some spots of shade for waiting parents or my personal suggestion is to just chill out at CoffeeBean or McDonald’s while the children play (if they are old enough to take care of themselves).

2016-06-30 15.35.18

This gentle slope with the molehill pattern is a playing place for younger kids who are learning to climb and to enhance their motor skills.

2016-06-30 15.27.12

Some of the usual stuff you will find in playgrounds.

2016-06-30 15.27.36

2016-06-30 15.31.35

Spiderman ropes.

2016-06-30 15.30.50

Futuristic see-saw. You can adjust the black balls in the middle so that even an adult and a child can play with better balance.

2016-06-30 15.32.23

The favorite for Joey has always been the swing. There is even a chair-swing for the younger ones.

2016-06-30 15.33.27


2016-06-30 15.36.16

For Jayne, her current favorite is the rock-climbing wall. Looks like I can plan a trip to the rock-climbing place at Kallang Wave Mall, maybe she can inspire me to overcome my fear-of-heights.

2016-07-04 15.00.31

One of the best part is the availability of the changing room and wash up restrooms just beside the playground.

2016-06-30 15.34.26

The playground will be crowded on the weekends for sure. So if you have the time, make a trip on the weekdays, that way the kids can enjoy more and you won’t be so stressed out too.

2016-06-30 15.29.27

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