Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year Old Resolution

2017 is here, as usual all of us will for a moment think about the resolutions we want to make for the new year.

In the past, I used to say “new year new resolution”, but as I grow older, I realised that this statement is actually not entirely true. We tend to make the same old resolution year after year.

1. Spend more time with family.
2. Eat well, exercise more, have a balanced lifestyle.
3. Spiritually (for those who has a religion), walk closer with God, do our QT, etc.

Are these resolutions useless? Are they new? NO! But we keep setting these resolutions every beginning of a new year, and maybe fail to do it and another new year has arrived.

Here is my take. Do not be afraid of making “old” resolutions, as long as we continue to have the mentality to improve and work on it. Most projects in life is a WIP thing, we hardly achieve something great overnight, it all takes time.

Take for example, my quest to run a full marathon. I have this dream since my secondary school days, discarded the dream in 2010, picked it up again in 2016. Now after one year’s of “hard work” (I’ve actually grown to like running), I have achieved something (completed 2 half marathons). So my 2017 resolution is to complete the full marathon before my 43rd birthday!

New shoes, Old resolution!

2017-01-01 22.44.30

Another old resolution is writing. Precisely why I am updating this blog post is because I used to like to write. I am the first to admit that I am not a good writer like my wife and many other bloggers out there. But writing has always been a form of stress relieve for me. Writing is my way of bring brutally honest with myself, and leaving behind no regrets.

So I’ve picked up a nice leather notebook (need some motivation) on my recent trip to Ipoh.

New notebook, Old resolution!

2017-01-02 11.43.20

One more resolution that I have made every single year for the past 30 over years, is to read the bible more. As a Christian, there is no other book more important than the Bible. For my own spiritual growth, I need to read the Word more and understand my Father in a deeper way.

So for this year, I am embarking on this new app “Reading Scripture” recommended by another good friend of mine. To read through the Bible from cover to cover in a year. And I have encouraged my wife, my cell group friends to join me. So far, it has been very exciting as we go through the same readings and sharing what we have learnt. Another I learnt, to successfully complete a task or resolution, get others to join in and motivate one another.

New reading plan, Old resolution!

2017-01-04 13.40.36

Hope this short post will inspire some of you to keep on keeping on. Don’t give up yet!

“The Champion you want to be tomorrow is created by the training you do TODAY!”

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