Monday, January 23, 2017

Travel with KKday

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It’s Fun! It’s Safe! It’s Easy!

Launched in 2014 and headquartered in Taiwan, KKday is the leading E-commerce platform allowing users to connect with local tours from all over the world. Believing that authentic experience is the core value of “Traveling”, KKday has collected more than 6000 worldwide experiences from a group of professional providers and unique local experts.

So on our recent Taipei / Kaohsiung trip, we had a chance to engage this much talked about service from KKday.


Firstly, since we are lodging at a smaller hotel, we do not have any hotel transfer services from the hotel. Hence, we decided to book a Private Driver for 4 hours. This would serve as our airport transfer and can double up as a short trip to one or two tourist attractions after we drop our luggage at the hotel.


The ride was smooth and safe. The driver saw that I was tall and invited me to sit behind the front passenger seat so that he can move the front seat further forward to accommodate more leg space for me. Little things like this makes a big difference.

2017-01-09 10.19.32

2017-01-09 10.20.23

Second service we took on from KKday was probably one of the best we can find for this trip. As we need to travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung, the best way is by High Speed Rail (HSR). It is the faster and more comfortable ride compared to taking the train.

2017-01-09 10.20.54

The usual train ride will be about 3.5 hours depending on whether you take the faster (lesser stops) train or the slower (more stops) train. But with HSR, the traveling time was cut to only 1.5 hours. This is exceptionally important for us since we have limited time to enjoy ourselves in a new city we have never visited before in Taiwan. And of course for me, any long distance traveling will be super uncomfortable for me, I am totally for the shorter time, more comfortable ride.

KKday provided the solution. Online booking for HSR tickets is easy and ensures we get the tickets we want on the dates we need. Best of all, we save at least 20% compared to buying from the station directly. Upon booking, we just need to print out our confirmation slip and go to the HSR counter to redeem your train tickets. Easy as 1-2-3.

2017-01-10 10.53.04

To complete the experience, don’t forget to buy the 铁路便当 while traveling on the HSR.

2017-01-10 10.36.24

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