Monday, October 9, 2017

It’s Traveling Season!

We are coming the the end of 2017 and it is the traveling season again!
Most of us love to travel but if you (minority) do not, then you have to read on, cos this may just change your mind.

“I love to travel but I hate all the hassle of booking air tickets, accommodations, trips, looking out for nearby attractions, etc.” Does it all sound so familiar?
I mean spending many hours browsing through the internet, looking for the best prices, sourcing for new ideas, reading up reviews from different travelers, secure bookings and last minute changes, waiting for friends to confirm their schedules, etc. Who really enjoys all these mundane work?
Thankfully, I have an awesome wife who loves to do all these planning, and all I have to do is to provide the budget sheet. Participation level is minimum when it comes to planning for a trip.

But the same question keeps ringing in my mind. How did she plan everything so effortlessly? How come she has so much time to look through and check through all the different sources and ideas?
Finally, the secret is revealed.

Booking Hotel with Traveloka!!
No wonder she is always able to find so many interesting places for our family trips! I browsed through the website and was in awe of how easy it is to use and how much info there is available.
Like the picture below says, “Not sure where to go yet? Get inspiration from Traveloka Blog.” This is basically like a one-stop site with everything one needs to plan for a trip.

So let me share with you some of the things that I find useful and why am I recommending it to you.


Best Price Guaranteed + Honest Pricing
If you ever find a better price elsewhere, Traveloka will match it or beat it!
Many of my friends agree with me, if a website dares to say its price is the best and gives their guarantee, then there must be some truth in the claim and we can be sure it will deliver. I personally like the numerous flight choices available when I was searching for a KL trip. With “Flight Discount Coupons”, SIN-KL on Scoot is only S$70.30 (inclusive of all taxes and surcharges). Fantastic!!

Best Price

Price Alert
Finding it troublesome to keep track of the ups and downs of prices? Have you ever missed a special price fare because you are not at your laptop 24/7? Fret not with the super useful Price Alert service. Just create the settings of your alerts, sit back and let the system search and inform you.  Best of all, you can receive all your alerts via the Traveloka App (both on App Store & Google Play).

Price Alert

Easy booking + Convenient Rescheduling
One thing we have learnt in our traveling episodes, changes are inevitable. So with the convenience of changing your flight schedule or other bookings, it will greatly enhance the traveling experience even before you fly.

Easy Reschedule

Lots of Reviews from Travelers Around the World
As I was looking for recommendations in Malaysia, planning for a short getaway with my extended family, a familiar place popped up - Avillion Port Dickson. The reviews from other travelers were super useful. I was able to pinpoint what the hotel is offering and how helpful and understanding the staff were. A lot of positive and also some not-so-good feedbacks which made the reviews a lot more creditable. With this, I would surely book Avillion Port Dickson online with Traveloka.

Avillion 1

Avillion 2

Avillion 3

Have I tickled your appetite to travel? Year end is coming and it is the best time to wind down from the busy work year and book a trip with your loved ones or friends!

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