Thursday, August 4, 2011

FAT O Program

This is a new initiative program our office HR dept started. It’s to make us FAT! Finally someone heard my prayers!

FAT O (Fun At The Office) – departments are encouraged to take one day off and plan an outing together. The purpose is to foster closer relationships within the department and also to inject fun into our work life. WORK – LIFE BALANCE!

We are usually the Sergeants in the office, taking orders from our Superiors and carried it out to perfection. So to BALANCE ourselves on an off day, we want to be CAPTAINS.


Photo credit to Francis.

The BOS (Band of Sisters) in our group.
L-R (Yvonne,
Joyce, Kless)


Can you see the glow after our movie? We have all been injected with the Captain America’s ‘say-no’ attitude.


Our tickets! I remember the last time I went out with a big group for movies should be in my Secondary School Days.


What is a FAT program without buffet food?

Photo credit to Francis.IMG_0074

With half the group being ladies, there is no way we will skip desserts after lunch.


Thanks to our kind bosses and HR dept. We enjoyed our FAT O day!

Photo credit to Francis.IMG_0092

Next up, maybe Ubin? JB? USS?

You want to sponsor?

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