Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crizal FTW!!

This is the last part of the mission. So far, I have totally happy with my Crizal specs. Plus many of my friends have commented on the nice frame I have chosen too =)

Now, it’s the chance to reward my readers!!

Comment on this page after watching my short video clip and tell me why you deserve to win a FREE PAIR of prescribed Crizal lenses and spectacle frame of choice (up to $150).

Remember to view & vote for my video on youtube too! Just click on the link and view it!

Crizal Changes My Life

Leave me your Name, Email Address & Mobile Number either as a comment on this blog entry or email me at



  1. i deserve it cos i rock, and crizal rocks. and since we both rock, i shld get it!!!

  2. oh wow I deserve it as I have been changing and found no good specs for myself that long lasting n cool looking

  3. aww your daughters are too cute. Was at your wife's blog yesterday, didn't know you blog too haha. nice one daddy... I'll email you the entry :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. thanks Ai! it's indeed a blessing to have 2 wonderful girls like mine. thanks for dropping a comment =)

  5. My elder boys are asking why "You and Mrs" blogs got such nice spectacles? Even J-big-sister got one. They hinted that Daddy Andy's spec should be funky, so father and son can look chic together. Thank you Isaiah and Crizal :)

  6. Me me me! Hahaha! Choose me! *waves hands wildly in the air!*

    Love the video! Poor Mickey though! Hahaha!

  7. I love ur video!

    I'm a teacher who mixed with kids everyday. I believe a funky Crizal specs with anti glare, smudges, water, scratches and dust will be perfect for me!

    Qi Huang

  8. I hope crizal can change my life too! Specs are not a good friend of mine cause it causes so much inconvenience to me with the fogginess, smudge & dirt.. Specs are also quite expensive to make.. My specs are about 3-4years old and its not healthy for my eyes.. :)

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