Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life Cycle of Fathering

Having 2 girls, I have been through the same cycle twice. That is 2 times the sleeplessness nights, 2 times that ‘disgusting’ milk on my shirt, 2 times the joy of standing outside the delivery room, 2 times I get to see my girls grow from crawling to sitting up to standing up to walking and now running non-stop.



Now we are entering a stage where the girls are exploring their talents. My role is to help them to actualize their ideas, pictures in mind.



In less than 2 years’ time, Joey will be going to primary school. A friend asked me at what age will I allow Joey to take the public transport on her own. Omg! I haven’t even think about that.


Treasure the time we have as fathers. Don’t allow your kids to grow up without that memory of you along with them.

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