Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3D2N Bangkok Trip – Day 2

If you have missed my Day 1 itinerary, click here to read it.

Day 2

Slept like a log. No baby’s cries to wake us up. No alarm clock to remind us of the work ahead. Just the stir of my wife besides me reminding me that we are on our wedding anniversary trip. Blessed!

A strong cup of coffee to start the day. Try the local number 1 cafe.


The prices are super cheap. About S$3 for a cup of Latte. Where to find?


First up, still a mall that is nearby our hotel. Grand Diamond Plaza, another mall in the Pratunam neighbourhood. It has 4 storeys of bargain fashion. But if you have got most of your stuff at Platinum Mall, this place is just something extra.


The mall besides Grand Diamond is the Pantip Plaza (IT Mall). Similar to Sim Lim Square, this mall is entirely dedicated to computer and technology items. If you are a techno-geek, this will where you may spent hours. For Kless, she sat at A&W and waited for me while I bought my camera bag. That should say it all from us.


Try not to travel to far away destination during the day time, cos the traffic in Bangkok is one of the worst you can find in the region. We took an hour to travel from out hotel to MBK.


MBK Centre, also known as Mahboonkrong is the largest shopping mall in Bangkok. At 8 stories high, the centre hosts around 2000 stores and services. You can spent the entire afternoon in this mall together with the more high-end Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. Of course for us, cheap is good.

What can you find in MBK? More shoes.


More clothes


Lots of colourful underwear, 500B for 6 pieces.


Done with our shopping, it’s time to head back to hotel and deposit our victory items. I just love Watergate, they even have locals playing smoothing music to ease off the stress and frustration from traffic jams.


After a brief rest, it’s the 2nd night market in Bangkok. Patpong Night Market. This market is notorious for it’s night life. All along both sides of the street, you find sleazy bars with bikini-cladded girls (or transvestites) dancing on bar top and a lot of guys outside the shop asking you to watch ‘shows’.


A tip for purchasing at these night markets. Unless you are really interested in buying, don’t ask for the price just for fun. The stall owners are not all friendly. But if you are early at the market and happen to be the first customer for any particular stall, you will usually get to buy your item at a cut-throat low price. I bought a pair of sunglasses for 100B when the asking price was 850B originally. Rational is the stall owners do not wish to lose the first customer for fear of bad luck for that night’s business.


The signboards are just so colourful at Patpong.


Tired after 2 nights, tomorrow will be the last day in BKK. Happy times just seems to pass by so quickly.

Be back for Day 3…

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