Friday, October 14, 2011

3D2N Bangkok Trip – Day 3

Click on Day 1 and Day 2 to catch up on my trip.

Day 3

Take note that my 3D2N trip is from Wed-Fri. So we missed the biggest weekend market Chatuchak. We have been there the last 2 trips and found that it is just too big to really have a good shopping experience. Also since it’s outdoor daytime, the weather is a major considering factor for Kless too.

Anyway, on our last day in Bangkok, we rose up like the previous day, having a nice rest and all ready to chiong one last time.

With only the morning and until 5pm before we have to leave for the airport, we chose to re-visit Platinum Fashion Mall and spent almost all our remaining money there. Amazingly, that only took us an hour. So not to waste our effort in planning for this trip, we took a cab ride to Central Plaza at Lat Phrao. At Central, you will be able to find most of the branded goods, like Aldo, Dorothy Perkins, Gap, Zara, Topshop, Guess, etc. If you are game for a movie, there is a nine screen 300 seat cinema facility for you.

For the Kuans, we were there to walk around the vicinity for photography. I mean there is just that much shopping one can do in 3 days right?


10B for a hotdog or fishball. Mai tu liao..


Roadside coffee


One other unique transportation in Bangkok besides Tuk Tuk. Motorcycle taxi.


We stumbled into this mall when trying to look for a place for lunch. Union Mall. A secret shopping mall unknown to many. It has 8 floors of shops, very accessible by Skytrain, nearest station is Phahon Yothin. If I ever go back to Bangkok again, I will surely keep some money for this mall.

Ready to go home… if you still have time before the airport transfer from your hotel, 2 more shopping locations for you in Pratunum. The Pratunum Market (only opens from 11am-6pm) is one of Bangkok’s major markets, focusing on clothes which makes it the largest clothing market in Thailand.


Second place to recommend for last last min shopping. City Complex Pratunum, the center for whole sale garments and cloth. The equivalent to Taipei’s 五分埔.


So this ends the 3rd trip to Bangkok. Another trip in the near future? I don’t think so. I have been telling friends ever since I came back, I think BKK’s fashion sense has stopped 3 years back and has not progressed much since. But still, it’s a decent place to buy relatively cheap stuff and clothes.

Till next time, bye Thailand.

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