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Doctor for a Day - Orthopaedic Edition

Media Invite

For real or not, how can anyone reject the invite to be a Doctor for a Day? I mean being a doctor has to be one of the coolest job in the world. I grew up watching all the amazing HK drama series about doctors and as a believer, hearing all the testimonies of healings from members who works in the medical field. Even my daughters who are only 5 & 8, loves all those doctor K-drama shown on TV. So for 90mins, both daughters became doctors.

Parkway East Hospital organized a special Orthopaedic Edition of Doctor for a Day. This is an educational tour, where children get to dress up and role-play as Orthopaedic doctors. They will experience performing bone surgery in an Operating Theatre setting and learn to bandage knees in an Emergency Room, among other medical activities. The tour has an additional factor of charity, for every paying children for the tour (S$25), the hospital will match with S$300 to sponsor Total Knee Replacement surgeries for the needy elderly to help them get back on their feet again. Applauses to all the hospital staff and organizers!

_MG_2244 _MG_2246

First to put on the uniform that momentarily turns the children into doctors.

_MG_2235 _MG_2238

First station – Briefing Room. This is where the children are briefed on what to expect for the tour, how to put on their hair net, the correct 7-steps to wash their hands, and most importantly, to have fun!


_MG_2250 _MG_2254

The children looked so cute in their slightly over-sized doctor’s gown and hair net. Attentive to what the doctors have to say.


Second room – General Practitioner. They picked up simple skills like wiping with alcohol wipes, ear thermometer and how to use the stethoscope.


All the equipment are real, not just toys. Not even adults have the chance to try out such things, the children are blessed.

_MG_2278 _MG_2284

At the Accident & Emergency room, the kids learnt how to handle emergencies like a cut, and how to clean & bandage the wound.


The doctor demonstrated with some “red ink” and some of the kids totally freaked out and chose to stand aside. I was quite worried that Joey will feel fear too, after her head injury last year. But both girls were braver than I thought.

_MG_2291 _MG_2298

_MG_2299 _MG_2303 _MG_2304

Jayne is too young to secure her bandage. After the doctor helped her to secure it, she walked around in pride, only removing it when we reached home.

_MG_2306 _MG_2308

Nursery room is probably what my two girls most looked forward place. The chance to play “mother” to their baby.


They followed a video’s guide, when the baby cries in the video, the doctors and nurses will guide the “young doctors” what to do. From cleaning and changing the diapers, to feeding, and patting the baby to sleep. Both Joey and Jayne tag-teamed and did a great job.

_MG_2309 _MG_2315 _MG_2316

The last activity room was probably the most exciting of all. The Operating Theatre.


The patient is Mr. Drink Alcohol, he felled and broke his hand. So the group of young doctors need to give the patient injection, operate on the broken hand and screw in the supporting metal plates.

_MG_2331 _MG_2329 _MG_2333

Doctor Jayne, your face mask is too loose..


The operation was a successful one.


The last 2 rooms were the X-Ray Room and Graduation Room. Here the children took their graduation photos and goodie bags.

_MG_2350 _MG_2353

Oh, the Kuan doctors looked a bit jaded after the tour. But I’m sure they enjoyed totally and learnt quite a lot.



Before we left, the girls took to the mini-stations to learn more about different parts of Orthopaedic.



 _MG_2371 _MG_2365

Thanks to the dedicated group of pretty doctors who made this an educational and fun tour for everyone, adults included.



The girls practiced their new found bandaging skills on their teddy bears.


If you like my post, do help to vote for us in a small competition held for all the young doctors who attended these two days of events. Here are the simple steps to vote:
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