Monday, July 28, 2014

Legoland - A Squarish Affair

Second time to Legoland, I have to admit it did not excite me much. Firstly, I am not a theme-park person, I don’t like the rides and I don’t like the crowd. Secondly, I don’t really like Legos, probably because I grew up longing for it but never have the chance to owe it. My ego in play here. Nonetheless, with a sponsored trip coming up with the opportunity to bring my girls and also my mother for a short vacation, I have nothing more to complain about. Except maybe the queue at Malaysia customs can really have some improvements.

This is the first time we had a staycation with a theme.


The famous square blocks greeted us from all angles, it was not possible to miss them at all.


The entire lobby was filled with all sorts of Lego for the kids to play. And it was definitely necessary since the check-in time was only 4pm, at least the children were sufficiently entertained.

_MG_2690 _MG_2731

I went around the hotel to check out some of the nice Lego structures.

_MG_2697 _MG_2702 _MG_2748



Even the flooring are Lego carpets..


One of the surprises was the lifts, which are coolly designed with disco lights and music. I swear we can stay inside for much longer, just to enjoy the disco feel.


Every level in the hotel is a different theme, and we were given the Adventure theme room. Furnished with a double bed, a double-decker bed and a pull out right underneath. Perfect for a family of 5.

_MG_2753 _MG_2758

The two beds were separated by a sliding door to provide some privacy for couples. So to make sure the kids are self-entertained, they have their own TV too. The girls were just too excited to be bothered with the parents, and we ain’t complaining.


Nice deco to fit the “adventure” theme, like bugs, scorpions and butterfly.

_MG_2764 _MG_2772 _MG_2766

Treasure map on the floor. Have to admit, even me got slightly excited about the cool decos.


From our hotel room, we had the perfect view of our next day adventure place, the Legoland Water Park! But do take note that the water park is only opened from 10am to 6pm daily. Plan your trip wisely, which means on the day of check-in, you could probably come earlier, play at the water park then do the check-in at 4pm.


Though the place is pretty huge and equipped with several interesting water slides and such, the Kuan Family is never one for such excitement. We are just happy going round the lazy river and spending some family time at the wave pool.



Joey tried to learn swimming on her own. Looks like Daddy got to hire a professional teacher after all.

_MG_2790 _MG_2798 _MG_2802


Jayne was just happy floating and enjoying the sun.

_MG_2828 _MG_2830 _MG_2817


If you are not too particular about food, the selection inside the water park is still ok.


_MG_2784 _MG_2788

We make a good decision to let the girls play out at the water park, cos the sun was getting stronger and before noon, it was time-out for us all. Walked back to the hotel to cool down a bit, play more Legos and next up the Legoland.

Won’t bored you with too much details, just refer to our earlier trip to Legoland for the various features.

Just a few more photos from the miniland.

_MG_2844 _MG_2845



_MG_2848 _MG_2853

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