Monday, November 10, 2014

Around The World in 30licious Days

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Back by popular demand and giving foodies a chance to start festive feasting early, American Express and HungryGoWhere jointly present 30licious - $30 culinary treats at over 30 different restaurants for 30 days, from 3 Nov to 2 Dec 2014.

Participating restaurants featuring dedicated 30licious menus range from upscale eateries in the CBD and town area, to chill-out bistros in the likes of Rochester. Following its inaugural success in March to April 2014, 30licious has attracted an exciting selection of restaurants to hop aboard this round, including big and familiar names like Lawry’s, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Gyu Kaku and NUVO.

Offering a huge variety of international cuisines at friendly prices, 30licious gives epicureans a lot of savour without having to travel far and wide during the year-end period.

During the offer period, Amex Card Members can enjoy 30licious special menus at more than 30 restaurants across the island for just $30++ each. Customers who do not have Amex Cards will be charged $35++. To enjoy the delectable 30licious deals, simply log on to to make your bookings.

A group of foodies were invited to try out 2 of the participating restaurants along Rochester area. Glad to be part of the invite, as we got to know some cool friends and spent the evening tasting some authentic Tunisian and Spanish food.
For the full list of participating restaurants for 30licious, click here.

 The WEJS @ Medici Cafe


Chicken & Spinach Soup OR Salade Mechouia

The first try of the Spinach Soup really brought out the homely feel, something you would imagine your mom preparing during a cold day. The spinach taste was not too overwhelming, you are able to chew on the veg but it won’t give you the “too green” taste in the mouth. Definitely one of my recommendations for this restaurant.


At the first look, I was snot sure what to expect for this dish, cos the presentation to me was a bit “heavy”, I initially thought this would be one of the mains judging based on the portion that was served. But to be fair, Mediterranean cuisine usually comes in rather big portion in Singaporean’s perspective. End up, it was a very appetizing course. I have no exact idea what are the ingredients, but it has a taste like Salsa.


Tunisian Chicken Couscous OR Chakchouka

Don’t be fooled by the appearance, tho it may looked a bit messy, but the punch in this Tunisian Chicken Couscous is potent! The mixture of couscous, potato, carrot, chickpeas and chicken created a very filling stew which is definitely another dish I would recommend. Personally, this is my first try of Couscous, and I really like the texture of it and of course, understanding the nutrition facts behind it, made it more a dish not to be missed.

DSC_3584 DSC_3585


Mixed Fruit Cocktail


Fresh Juice OR Soft Drink

UNA @ One Rochester


Amuse Bouche

The name of this course “Amuse Bouche” is a French term which means a little bit of food which is served before the meal to stimulate the appetite. And with a 100% pass, the little bit of food truly made the impossible possible. After a heavy meal from the earlier restaurant, we never thought that it was possible to continue with a second round. But this little food which packs a punch of garlic and pumpkin (I think), is surely the best way to “open up” anyone’s appetite. We went on to finish everything that was served for round 2.

DSC_3595 DSC_3596

Signature Seafood & Chicken Paelle OR Pluma Iberica

Probably hidden among the prawns and clams, you would find the amazing octopus within this Paelle. Different from other Paelle I have tasted, the seafood (especially the octopus) was all done so nice, the octopus was not hard and chewy but soft and chewy. No wonder this course was placed on the 30licious menu, money worth spending.


If you are not keen on the Paella, then the other main course available is this grilled Pluma Iberica pork with a smoky sweet marinade. And man, was I blown away by the taste. Thankfully I brought my dear wife along for this invitation, if not, I would have only tasted the Paelle and missed this awesome course. I’m not a total fan of pork, but this is different, the grill was to perfection and with the seasoning of herbs and sauce, I give it a score of 90.


Glass of Malacapa Rioja


Special treat from the Manager, Churros! According to the manager, the churros were prepared with milk instead of water, thus the soft interior and crispy exterior. What a way to end the night!


Special thanks to Amex, HungryGoWhere and The Right Spin for coordinating the entire experience and for inviting us. Cheers to all!


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