Thursday, November 6, 2014

[Review + Giveaway] BABOR Treatment - Regenerating Milk Enzyme Facial

Sponsored Review + Giveaway

Not hard to imagine that guys my age don’t really take care of our face that much, or maybe just among my circle of friends. In case you are one of those more “hip” males, I do not wish to incur your wrath.

And since the last facial (I don’t remember when), I had just been using only my regular facial wash (if I remember). When the opportunity came for me to have a facial care review, I had my mixed feelings again. The stereotyped male in me felt a bit embarrassed to go for the facial and the “vain” part of me wanted to look good and feel good. I took the step of faith.

This is what I experienced on this special facial treatment, a step by step understanding of what the products are for, and some of my personal take.

Name of your treatment: Regenerating Milk Enzyme Facial (75 min).
Suits all skin types and hardly facial customers.

1. Whitening & Brightening
2. Even out different skin tones
3. Remove impurities

1. Cleansing: HY Oil Cleanser mixed with Phytoactive Base.
Phytoactive base: contains mint, rosemary and birch to promote the circulation and hydration.
Follow by a Rich Vitalizing Mask (A preparatory mask, unique to Babor. To stimulate the skin's micro-circulation to ensure any skincare products subsequently applied can be optimally absorbed by the skin.)

2014-11-04 20.22.46

2. Scrub: Enzyme peeling with Lactic Clay mask
The beautician who was attending to me has an experience of more than 10 years, with her detail knowledge of the products and step-by-step explanation of the procedure, I was instantly relief and actually enjoyed the session more than I thought.

3. Fluid/ Ampoule (complimentary): Hydra plus ampoule (intensive moisture for long lasting effect). (UP: $30, Pack of 3: $55)

4. Face massage: SKINOVAGE Lipid intense cream (Alpine stem cells)
A highly enriched 24-hour cream. Supplies intensive moisture to thoroughly hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

This is the probably the best part of the entire treatment, personally I am a great lover of massages, so when the tender feel of the Beautician’s hands coupled with the cream laid on my face, it was really nice and comfortable.

2014-11-04 20.22.22

5. Mask: SKINOVAGE Comfort cream mask
A rich cream mask for extra suppleness and smoothness.

6. Toner & Closing Care

7. Sun protection: High protection Sun Spray SPF30. (BABOR's top seller)
From the understanding of the Beautician, it is important to apply the correct sun protection with sufficient water-retention rather than just going for the highest SPF protection. This may sound so basic to many of you, but bear in mind for me, this is almost foreign language. But I learnt a lot.

2014-11-04 20.22.39

And this is how I look right after the treatment. I feel totally hydrated on my face, skin feels tight and bouncy (apologies for not using a professional term for lack of knowledge). Facial is something I cannot explain more or express better but to offer the most straight-forward method for all my readers. A giveaway to let you try the some BABOR Treatment!

2014-10-16 16.47.56

5 sets of Free BABOR Regenerating Milk Enzyme facial worth $198 each (75 min).
If you would like to participate in the giveaway, please fulfill the following criteria:

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3. You must like and share this blog post on your Facebook wall with the comment, “I want a free BABOR treatment!” and tag Isaiah Kuan or J Babies’ Dad, so that I can track your participation.

Closing date of giveaway: Thu, 13 Nov 2014.

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