Saturday, June 6, 2015

ON-line Shopping

Looking for gifts for someone special? Or maybe just for a friend to say thank you. Or just because you are generous and would like to buy something for someone or yourself. Whatever the reason is, shopping has been made much easier due to the many e-commerce sites available.

IF you have not heard about Lazada Singapore, then you ought to be spanked like me. But thanks to the kind folks from Lazada, I was introduced to this wonderful site and it has greatly opened my eyes to the world of online shopping. I have never knew that so many things or practically everything you need (some probably more want than need), can be found online. What has happened to the old days of walking hours along the streets to find the best deals in town, checking the difference in prices?

So here are some of the items personally I would like to buy, some for my own pleasures, some to please the wife, you decide (maybe the cost will tell).

Apple Watches

Image result for apple watch

Lazada Offer:
Apple Watch 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band
SGD 885 (you save 40%)

Canon DSLR

Image result for canon dslr

Lazada Offer:
Canon EOS 70D (Black) with 18-55mm STM + 75-300mm III Twin Lens Kit
SGD 1434 (you save 54%)

Waffle Maker

Image result for waffle maker

Lazada Offer:
Cornell CWM2308 Waffle Maker White
SGD 39.90 (you save 32%)

Leica Cameras

Image result for leica

Lazada Offer:
Leica X2 Silver
SGD 1998 (you save 46%)

Still unconvinced? Be like me, click on the link and just browse through the site, you will be impressed and maybe, just maybe you will be open to this world of online shopping too.

Happy shopping!

PS. Father’s Day is just round the corner, if you need a reason to buy something.

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