Thursday, January 21, 2016

Primary Concern

It is almost 3 weeks of school since the beginning of this new academic year. This year Jayne finally stepped into her journey of studies from Primary all the way to University (hopefully). Looking back just a few months back when I just attended her K2 graduation ceremony, I was slightly worried if this little girl would make it in Primary school or not. As compared to her elder sister, Jayne is more willing (fearless at times) in adapting to new environment and things. Talked to a few other parents, made me realized that 2nd born are usually more “garang”.

It might be because Jayne tends to stick to me more than Joey, I had this feeling that she is not ready for Primary school. Plus her small frame really didn’t add much confidence to me. She is still just my 小不点.

Joey on the other hand tends to be a bit more reserved when it comes to trying new things. But I have seen her grew so much in the past 3 years in her Primary school life.Though as parents, they will always stay like a child in our hearts, but Joey has taken her role of an elder sister very well. Maybe it’s in her just like me to be the one who will take charge most of the times. Looking at her, I really see so much of me. She hardly needs us to coach her in her school works, always clear of what to do and bring for school, sometimes I even hear her telling Kless what to do too.

On the first day of school this year, we woke up early to ensure that all the necessary items are prepared. Jayne put on her school uniform and was so eager to go. If I remembered correctly, Joey was not as excited as Jayne 3 years back. Looking at both of the girls in the uniform that is so familiar to me, brings forth a special pride in me. My girls are in Primary School now!

And Joey is a full-fledged Prefect this year. I was a Prefect too =)

My primary concern for both of them is to enjoy school and learn as much as they can. I do wish to be a stressful father,  stressed out with their results and in turn stressed them for performance. I know to survive especially in Singapore, academic results are extremely important, but if a person is bad in character and has no love for others, being the brightest kid really doesn’t matter much. I just want my girls to have lots of friends in school, loved by most of their classmates, have respect for teachers, not afraid to learn, and takes care of one another.

Simple? I don’t know too. Just try lah.

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