Thursday, January 14, 2016

Taipei Family Trip (Part 1)

Finally after 4 months, I have sat down to write this post. After reading a photographer who had this habit of processing his photos only after 3-4 months of the shoot, so as to relive the moments of a photo as a story rather than an event. I have decided to do the same with this trip. Hope you like it.


This was the most impromptu trip we had all these years. One morning,  Kless chanced upon a super good  deal that was less than $750 all in with taxes, round trip to Taipei, for the entire family plus both mothers, 4 adults and 2 children. So without consulting our family, we booked the tickets. Still thanking God for the amazing deal.

The headache about traveling with a big group and with 2 mothers was to find a suitable accommodation. We didn’t want to book a hotel with separate rooms for everyone, firstly it was the cost issue and secondly, the security concern for our mothers. The next best choice was Airbnb. Thanks to friends who love to travel, we were recommended this awesome apartment in Da’an which has three bedrooms, just suitable for us.

Ann’s House (

Master bedroom with attached bathroom.


Initially I was planning to use this corner as my working space, just right and cosy. But ended up I was out every night eating and shopping and all the work required was done mainly on my iPhone instead.

Two other bedrooms big enough for 2-3 to sleep. One thing good about bringing both mothers along on this trip was the kids get to spend a bit more time with each one of them, sleeping in the same bedroom together. Of course, that leaves me and Kless to enjoy a few nights of couple time too. One stone kills two birds.


And a small but fully equipped kitchen for those who would like to prepare some cook food. But my personal conviction in Taiwan is to only eat out.

A family that eats together stays together. On this trip, we tried to stuff ourselves with as much food as possible. And since it was the first trip for my mother (2nd trip for MIL), it will be nice to bring them around to explore all the nice things they have only seen on TV until now.

My mother is a lover of beef and just near our living apartment, we found a local authentic beef noodle stall. The soup base was the killer, I can imagine the owner brewing the soup non-stop with bone stock soup added into the main pot hourly. Which is why the beef is so soft and tender.

I can see that my mother is enjoying the meal despite the slightly oily soup that is not her usual like. Probably what went through her mind were the images of all the pictures she has seen on Taiwanese TV programs. Now that Pa is gone, the joy of seeing that moment of happiness on her face was so rewarding.

We visited the biggest Night Market in Taipei – Shilin Night Market. Although it was totally crowded despite the rain, it was a good feeling for the family to walk through the streets and soak in the night market feel. It didn’t take long for my MIL to start shopping.

Since we just had a late lunch, we didn’t eat much here but still some street food cannot be ignored. Like this amazing clam boiled in white wine and the must have bubble milk tea in Taiwan.


Jayne came to Taipei 3 years back with Kless and her family, so on this trip she was proudly telling her older sister and Grandmother about the food and stalls to visit. There is always some jealousy among the siblings, but all in the good spirit.

Rise and shine, the next glorious morning we woke up to try the famous 永合豆浆 which has an outlet just outside our apartment.

We ordered the usual breakfast locals will eat, which was the rice wrapped in egg 蛋包饭. Very tasty but not to the girls’ liking, I think the girls prefer their western brekkie.


The second day in Taipei, we have decided to visit Beitou (北投) and Fisherman’s Wharf (漁人碼頭), which are in the northernmost district of Taipei City.

More of our 北投 / 漁人碼頭 story in my next post.


This family trip will always be special, given the story that underlies the reason for it. We left Taipei with our stomach tight, wallet light but our hearts full.

Completed our tourists’ itinerary (visited Taipei 101).

Drank a lot of bubble milk tea (different brands and outlets).


Ate lots of street food, the famous 阿宗面线.

Pampered ourselves with the best hair salon experience, haircut, massage, styling.



The story ends in Taipei, but our lives continue as a family.

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