Thursday, March 31, 2016

Murals or Street Arts @ Everton Road

Have you seen these murals in Singapore? From research, these murals can be found in several places, like Everton Road, Tiong Bahru Market, Haji Lane, Aliwal Street, Clarke Quay, etc.

What is a mural?
By definition, a mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.

And Singapore Murals is an integral part of the nation’s aspiration of being a renaissance city but is under developed. A public mural is a source of heritage building, expression of the arts, national education, interactivity of interests groups.

The oldest mural in Singapore can be traced to Changi Murals, which is my next destination. So look out for my updates in time to come.


Everton Road

A small section of Everton Road had become memory lane. Mr Yip Yew Chong, who has lived near Everton Road and walked along the road for the past 20 years, was inspired to start this project, after seeing the murals in Kampong Glam painted by Mr Ernest Zacharevic, who also painted and made famous the murals in George Town, Penang.

Amah 妈姐
An amah (housemaid), handwashes her kebayas and sarongs in a metal tub while checking in on the child playing behind the sarongs. A rooster and its family strolling along the side.
Further down the right, there is a wooden cupboard that you can almost find in every household of that time, good to keep all the daily bowls and plates we use. I can still see one of these in my Grandma’s house in JB.
Then the equally old-fashioned chair with a cat resting on top.

The unique signature of Mr Yip Yew Chong, painted in style and depicts the era of the paintings.

Barber 理发
Around the corner of the same building, you will find a boy reading an old Lao Fu Zi comic book while drinking Green Spot, as another gets an old-school haircut. There used to be such roadside barbers still active along Chinatown area, but they have since vanished. Missed my chance of getting an old haircut experience.

The Singaporean thing to do, join the queue.

Coffee in a Milkmaid can “hangs” from a pipe.

Provision Shop 杂货店
Towkay Neo and her hardworking team run their little provision shop literally ‘round the clock’.
This is the latest of Mr Yip’s work around Everton Road.

Tikam tikam to win a free bowl of beancurd and soya milk.

According to the creator, you may see the real fat grey English cat roaming around the neighborhood.

Amah –
40 Everton Road @ Choa Kim Keat Garage
Barber – 40 Everton Road @ Choa Kim Keat Garage
Provision Shop – 8 Spottiswoode Park Road

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