Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Little Ponies!

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Some says running can be addictive, I was skeptical before, but now I am a believer.

More than just running, running with family is the ultimate joy!

This year at Sentosa Palawan Beach, more than 5,000 participants gathered for the My Little Pony Friendship Run, held for the first time in Singapore. This was an event to celebrate friendship and family all together.

(Photo credit to MY LITTLE PONY Friendship Run 2016)

For the Kuan Family, we registered for the 1km Pony Kids Run (Kless & Jayne) and the 4m Fun Run (Me & Joey).

The appeal of this run has to be the cutesy little items prepared for the participants like this print on tattoos. As quoted by my wife, only during My Little Pony Run can she put on such a cute rainbow tattoo.



My run with Joey starts first at about 9am, thankfully the weather was good and not too hot.

I asked Joey which is her favorite Little Pony character. She mentioned Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle.

And before we were flagged off, the surprise nearly caused everyone to forget about the run. Joey’s favorite Rainbow Dash was out to do the flag off. Cool!

On social media, we know many of our friends were involved in this run too, so it was quite a pleasure to meet Steven and his daughter along the 4km route. He started later than us and that explained why he looked so fresh whereas, I looked so tired.

4km is not a difficult run, but for the kids, especially getting them to run early in the morning is not an easy task. This is Joey’s 3rd race since last year. But still the early timing and lack of sleep the night before caused her to feel the fatigue more than previous. After the 2km mark, she started to feel tired and eventually she walked for the rest of the race.

A couple of moments during the race, I was tempted to suggest a shortcut for her so that she can end earlier and have some rest. Every time I wanted to do it, I looked at Joey and she was still hanging on, face red from the heat, sweating profusely, legs tired but no signs of complain or giving up. I felt so encouraged by her and proud that my girl is not a person who will give up easily. I was determined to be a good father and stay the course with her so that we can both learn the value of keeping to the end.

And we did! Completed 4km run within 33mins. My girl is a champion!

Meanwhile, Kless and Jayne were waiting for their flag off. Jayne participated in some of the carnival games, drawing and coloring are her favorite.

Adults and kids, all drawn to the My Little Pony TV shows, despite the hot sun. Power of ponies.

Finally the race (1km run) starts for the younger ones.

We added yet another family run medal to our collection. I love my family!

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