Thursday, March 17, 2016

Staycation - The South Beach

Hotel + Residential + Retail + Office = South Beach.

Located right smack in the middle of the Cityhall & Suntec City, this plot of land can be considered the best of the prime lands in Singapore. And we were so blessed to have a short 2D1N staycation at The South Beach.

The South Beach in Singapore is a 654-rooms and suites Luxury & Lifestyles H.I.P. (Highly Individualised People and Places) Hotel that aspires to create infinite experiences for everyone.

So all around the hotel compound, you are able to find corners with exquisite designers’ idea of “Alone Together”. For any guest who may be traveling alone but will be able to find a gathering corner to mingle with other travelers, much like a common area to be ‘together’.

One of such corners is this Cocoon Space (named based on the cocoon-shaped lamp). A causal business center for the business people.


And one of the coolest piece has to be this wooden log-turn-chair art piece inspired by the renowned French designer Philippe Starck, who fused contemporary architecture with restored heritage buildings, in a brilliant show of form and function.

When we were ushered into the lobby, I was looking for the check-in counter and was surprised that there isn’t any.

Well, the counters were actually the 7 small tables lined on the left. Each counter has a different cabinet behind and lamp on top, symbolizing 7 different cultures around the world.

The lobby is one of the most cool hotel lobbies I have seen. The play with lights and furniture are simply awesome.


We had connecting rooms to accommodate 5 of us including my mother. One room with a Queen-size bed and the other was a double single bed.


More and more hotels are offering complimentary mini-bar services and The South Beach too. A small but nice gesture.

Meals are served at ADHD (All Day Hotel Dining), which offers a wide range of international cuisine with the head chef hailing from Germany, assisted by a HK chef to bring the balance for the diners.

Once again, you can see how the designers played with lights from within the marble tables. One thing for sure, the “mood” setting is important and crucial for the hotel. Every place we went, there were different designs, music, lights, art pieces, to set the mood designed for the guests.

Another idea of “Alone Together” or just suitable for big families.

If you think the meal area is bit too open and prefers a more private place just for some talk, the restaurant offers a simple but unique concept of privacy. Just by creating a few steps down from the main dining hall, are these more private tables available. You can even book the place for a private dining if you have about 20 pax.

So far we were super impressed with the deco but everything else is within expectations. Not until we visited level 18.

Flow 18 – bar counter besides the infinity pool.

And this is the view to die for! We were there around 1pm and the place was so windy and cool. The girls can’t wait to try the pool, but lunch beckons.

We didn’t try ADHD, instead we walked out to the near Shaw Towers for Turkish food. All around the hotel, we are spoilt for lots of choices of food, Suntec or Raffles City are all less than 10mins walk away.

Turkish Baked Rice and bread, yummy!

Best thing about a staycation is to be relaxed without an agenda. Enjoying time with one another.

Back to the infinity pool after lunch. The hotel provides 2 large floats for guests.

The shallow end is 0.5m and the deepest is only 1.2m.

As the girls enjoy the pool, I walked around the floor and found a table-tennis table. And it is a mirror table!

But it was too windy that day to play.

A pool table is available too. The best way to chill with friends or just laze around with family.

Comfy sitting areas are lined on both sides for those who just want to rest or have a drink.

When you are staying in The South Beach, don’t forget to take a photo from level 18, as this may be the only place to see such a beautiful view. Day and Night are equally amazing.

For another full review on The South Beach, read it on my wife’s blog.

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